VW T6 LWB Conversion


Dear Kevin,

I would like to place an order for the following kitchen and I would be happy to collect or have it delivered to me in Lincoln. Please let me how to make a deposit payment.

If passable can I have the kick boards made at later date once the rock & roll bed has been fitted so they are made to correct size, I will send templates with correct sizes once the bed has been installed, as discussed on the phone, can you please finish the rear wardroom as per your customer specs in Scotland?

The two alterations are: cut hole for microwave and wardrobe finish, I would have liked an overhead rear locker, but if that’s not possible no problem.


Kitchen Build Order

VW T6 LWB - Standard Roof Height - no pop-top

Units colour:        Graphite Metallic Grey Gloss

Trim: colour:        Black Trim

Worktop colour:   Gloss Black Spark?

Draw above fridge & Right-hand Sink


Microwave: Dometic MWO 240 Microwave Oven 230v

Dimensions mm: Depth 328 / Height 257 /Width 451


Van Kitchen

MyVanLayout_00MyVanLayout_00 Notes: 


MyVanLayout_01MyVanLayout_01 Notes: What is the width of the dropdown cupboard door under Microwave? As want to get a microwave that’s the same width across in size to draw.


MyVanLayout_02MyVanLayout_02 Notes: 


MyVanLayout_07MyVanLayout_07 Notes: LED Recess Aluminium Profile, LINK TO PRODUCT Will this fit under overhead worktop locker? 

  • Dimensions: 24.5mm wide, 7mm deep and requires a 17.5mm cut out to install.

Can you add the cut out recess for this please?


MyVanLayout_05_CMyVanLayout_05_C Notes: Extending wardrobe towards rear of van, meaning the gap in the original image will be gone. Not sure if this will work or can be done?

GAS LOCKER SUITABLE FOR 907 Campingaz bottle.

GL907 (Small)  H x W X D)  340mm x 235mm x 270mm. Product Links: Gas Locker / Gas Bottle


MyVanLayout_05_DMyVanLayout_05_D Notes: GAS LOCKER SUITABLE FOR 907 Campingaz bottle.

GL907 (Small)  H x W X D)  340mm x 235mm x 270mm. Product Links: Gas Locker / Gas Bottle


MyVanLayout_04MyVanLayout_04 Notes: This locker will need to be low profile and I understand there will be little storage room.


MyVanLayout_08MyVanLayout_08 Notes: Seating and bed will be from Captain Seats Ltd.


Van Exterior
GP2110-104431_LOW_BWGP2110-104431_LOW_BWWest Rasen - A631
Bikes & Cars on the A631, West Rasen on Sunday October 10th 2021 in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom. (Photo by Carl/getapic.co.uk)

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Van Electrics
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MyVanLayout_09MyVanLayout_09 Notes: 

MyVanLayout_11MyVanLayout_11 Notes: